Lensthru is a small medium enterprise consultancy firm established in 2015 to provide high-quality and innovative professional services on children’s rights, education, research and social development to the non-governmental organisations, private enterprises and government agencies in Kenya and other regions.

Our Vision

Lensthru envisages an inclusive society that upholds the rights of all children and safeguards the dignity, participation and social justice to every person.

Our Mission

Setting the rights of all children, social inclusion and community participation at the nucleus of development processes.

Our Values

Lensthru believe in professional instrumentality, inclusivity, social justice, commitment to objectivity and diligence while working to satisfy its client’s and partner’s professional needs. This is anchored on:


Veracity, simplicity and trust are primary to the professional services offered by Lensthru. We ensure open space for feedback in order to develop clear understanding of our client’s concerns. We strive to achieve transformation through conversation and mutual accountability to our diverse stakeholders.

Impartial partnership

We recognise the client’s and partner’s ownership of their critical development concerns for which they seek our professional services. We build relationship grounded on mutual respect and pragmatic value to our clients. We attend to, and give priority to their perception of their own critical development concerns and how best such concerns can be addressed.

Professional reputation

We treasure quality services and professional support to our clients and partners. Our highly motivated team of professionals are committed to competitive home-grown solutions to client’s concerns. As such, the members of our team are engaged in an ongoing specialised personal and group development through periodic strategic training. We strive to ensure that Lensthru services remains at the cutting edge of social development.

Ethical practice

We are mindful of the power balance between consultant professionals and the organisations or individuals being supported. Thus, we strive to equalise any inequality. We prescribe to benchmark ethical professional practices while working or interacting with our clients and partners. We clarify our roles and avoid doing any harm knowingly or unknowingly to our clients and partners. We uphold confidentiality of the outcome of the professional services provided and ensures written informed consent prior to any data collection or any use of lessons learnt for any other relevant purposes.