How We Work

The integrity of the professional services offered by Lensthru is our key concern. Thus, we build genuine and sustainable relationship with our clients and partners by engaging competent consultants to deliver highly valued professional services and technical support. As such, we ensure:

Strategic choices of assignments: we engage in assignments which are in line with our core values and professional competencies. It is for this reason that our clients and partners continue to value our services and our area of coverage continue to widen.

Inclusivity: we consciously use participatory approaches while engaging and dialoguing with the clients and partners we work with. We ensure direct involvement of all our primary and secondary stakeholders (children, women, illiterate or professionals, community based organizations, private agencies, non-governmental and government agencies, faith based initiatives and international organisations).

Flexibility: we are attentive to the emerging professional needs of the clients and partners. We undertake participatory development and review of the contracts and tools applied in order to effectively address their primary objectives and critical development concerns.

Integrated solutions: with our wide-ranging professional expertise and specialities, we work in an integrated manner to deliver to our clients and partners holistic services and support that they require in order to address their complex social and development concerns.

Strategic partnership: in order to deliver integrated solutions to our clients we purposely partner with diverse array of local and national consultancy firms, social researchers, education institutions and professional groups to complement Lensthru core thematic areas of expertise.